Cheri Note Productions Services 

Cheri "Note" Anderson

​Cheri Note Productions Consulting and Entertainment Network aka CNP has the primary focus of promoting Cheri "Note" Anderson.   Performance, Contractor, Workshops, and Product Sales are scheduled through CNP.

Cheri Anderson, through CNP offers services in live performance, studio recording, event promotions, event planning, workshop facilitation, vocal performance coaching, healthy lifestyle coaching and grant writing.

The CNP Vocal Performance Workshop and Private Vocal Coaching are offered in ninety minute classes of up to twelve weeks in duration. She works with youth, adults, amateur and

professional, in groups or individual sessions.  

Cheri developed her curriculum to assist her clients discover their gift of voice and performance.  


As an Artist/Educator, she shares her experiences and knowledge as a singer, athlete, and music industry entrepreneur, demonstrating technique, discipline, as well as, practice!

Cheri's mission is to enlighten students and prepare them for excellence through learning practical techniques in a fun way!  

​Her approach is unique and inspiring!  Clients see results after their first session! 


​CNP has been operating in northern and southern California for over twenty years.

Contact CNP 626.253.2230, southern CA 650.600.8510